Supporting Local Businesses Can Make Your Wedding Special

If you’ve been looking for a way to help your local community while also making your wedding special, it’s worth checking out your city’s local small business. These owners are almost always family-owned and operated, and they can be a great asset to your wedding. They’ll often serve as your wedding photographers and videographers, too, which can make your day that much more special.

If you are planning a wedding and thinking about hosting the event at a local business, you may be wondering if this decision would benefit your business. The answer is that it depends on how much the business benefits the community. When you attend a wedding, the business that provides the venue is not making any money and is not getting paid for anything besides the fees paid for the use of the venue. You might also be worried about how much the owner of the venue costs you since you don’t have to pay for the actual venue.

Weddings can be an expensive affair. Whether you’re getting married on an exotic island or just a local park, it’s important to make sure you’re giving your guests something to remember your special day by. Getting an affordable, quality gift from a local business can be a great way to support the local economy. The chances are that your photographer will be more than thrilled to make the extra effort to provide the products you need.

Review your vendors + share their work.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times, but your vendors can help to keep things moving along at a more relaxed pace. Choose vendors that are customer-oriented and local (or, if you can afford it, national) businesses for your special day. Here are a few ideas about how to make your vendor experience more special:

Weddings are a time to celebrate and spend time with the most important people to you. And you’d have to be someone pretty special to ask anyone to make your wedding special. You’re probably wondering who we’re talking about. Well, we’re listing the vendors that we’ve found to be the best at what they do. In the words of one of our favorite wedding planners, “Vendors are people too, and when you want that person to treat you with kindness and respect, allowing them to be treated well is a wonderful thing.”

Order photo prints and albums from your photographer

Photo booths can be a lot of fun, but how do you incorporate them into your wedding? A photo booth can be a beautiful and special way to capture those special moments during your wedding day, but it can also be a logistical nightmare. You can choose to hire a professional photographer and incorporate their services to create an album (see photography wedding packages from Naba Zabih here, if interested). However, keep in mind these services can cost you a significant amount of money. Instead, if you choose to order albums and prints directly from the photographer, you can save a lot of money.

Purchase local floral arrangements for your wedding (or others!)

You may be thinking that what makes a wedding special is the location, the dress, or even the food. However, not many people have thought about the most important aspect of a wedding: the flowers. No matter the wedding theme, it’s the flowers that bring the overall feel of the day together.

Purchasing flowers and other decors to go along with your wedding ceremony is a great way to support Camberwell Flowers Delivery services and other local florists. You can also help a couple in need by choosing to buy flowers for a wedding that isn’t your own. By purchasing beautiful flowers for a wedding that isn’t your own, you are providing floral arrangements for a couple in need. You’ll also be supporting a business or two and helping to support local supply chains and the local economy.

While we all love to support local establishments, we often forget that our wedding is part of a bigger community. A wedding can be a time to celebrate the many facets of life in your new community. This is the perfect time to show your appreciation for those around you.

No matter how perfect you plan your wedding, no situation can be completely controlled. The weather, the number of guests, your budget, and the taste of your friends can be all factor in. And, as planning goes, no one can control the price of flowers, the number of guests, or the shape of the wedding cake.

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